I’m glad we found each other. If you’re feeling less than confident, productive, and profitable - like that at any time you’re going to drop one of your spinning plates or succumb to being stuck, I hear you. I’ve been right there. It’s not a place I plan to ever return to, and it’s somewhere I don’t want to see you stay.

I’m ready to get to know you better, but in case you wanted a few more details on me:
  • I’m originally from North Dakota, but after 22 years, I traded snow for sunshine and now reside with my husband and two daughters in Florida.
  • I have spent over 15 years in business and people management. I also have over 20 years of coaching experience.
  • I am an Includer. Let’s find an enormous table and make a space for everyone to sit. No one should ever feel left out.

Welcome! I'm Melanie Colón.

  • I find inspiration in my faith, church, and in other passionate women.
  • Things I can’t live without are coffee and the great outdoors! My family and I love hiking, camping, and kayaking.

Combining my experiences in corporate leadership and entrepreneurship, I’ve coached, led, and encouraged people my entire career - 20 years. Now, I connect with the people I most love to see soar - women. Together, we work to take massive action toward creating purpose-driven lives and profitable passions. After struggling with my own lost identity and confidence, God gave me clarity of purpose and the power to live abundantly. He then charged me to help other women do the same.

So, that brings us back to you. You can accelerate your growth, stay focused and live confidently in who you were designed to be.

Unfocused, Unconfident, and even Depressed about the life you’re living despite how hard you work at all your “jobs” is no way to experience the years you have on this planet.

But, you’re no basic kind of woman: You’re someone who craves intimate connections to her mind and purpose. Being ambitious, but hitting hurdle after hurdle, or recognizing that your future is out of focus, is frustrating and confidence crushing.
I’m grateful you’re here, and I’m ready to listen, lead and encourage you. It’s time to gift yourself the life and business you deserve.  All it takes is a little brave and bold action.

Let’s move together in Clarity, Purpose, & Power.
 Daughter of the Most High, Wife, Mom, Coach

You were created
to do
great things.

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You can break free from perfectionism,
procrastination & make a profit! 

I believe: